Friday, August 7, 2009

Proof You're Never too Old To Follow Your Dreams

Hello Beautiful Ones,
In my attempt to fall asleep, I was thinking about how it must feel to be Lauren Luke. I cannot fathom going from quitting my job and selling makeup on eBay. Using YouTube to demonstrate how to use my products, to having my own cosmetic line in New York City launch at Sephora. I'm barely allowed in Sephora let alone have my name in Times Square and have countless of interviews on national and international telly.
It's a bittersweet thought. On one hand, success breeds contempt and you go from "doing you," to having an enormous amount of people critiquing everything about you. I personally think it's a bit of jealousy. A "How come she gets...?" reaction, which, though juvenile, is normal. She's not doing anything others haven't done or been doing, it was "her time" if you will. We all have a purpose and a calling. The other hand, she has a lot of weight on her shoulders. Going from campy tutorials in your room to being on television, working with bonafide makeup artists can be a bit intimidating. The pool of cosmetic lines is a bit more like and ocean and not all survive, Sephora has bumped a lot of product lines in the last year for whatever the business reasons.
I then saw my girl Susan Boyle in Harper's Bazaar featured article. She looks amazing doesn't she? She has been through hell and back and yet she still stands, lovely, and humble and singing like a lovely bird to a cherub. Like the artist Gabriel song "Dreams Can Come True" is right, we have to get cracking on our purpose.
Susan is proof that one is never too old, and I wish more people embraced that part of her story rather than focusing on her appearance or personal life. We don't have a right to people's personals just because they are in the papers do we?
Well, I must get to work on finding my purpose. What's your purpose and how did you find it? Care to share? I need help!

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