Monday, August 17, 2009

Milani Review

I have been shopping my stash in an effort to curb my spending. I have more lipsticks than I can use so this week I am rotating the following lipsticks this week.
I encourage any of you who are really feeling stuck in a rut with your lipstick to do the same. It's so tempting to grab that new shade of red, you know the one Kiera Knightley wore in The Edge of Love, you remember? Or the one I saw... I think in order to do this not only will I have to shop my stash, I am going to limit my time engaging forums, tutorials and videos online.
For some odd reason, I don't see this as working because I'm inspired by magazines, television and my imagination. As I type I'm looking at a commercial and I've already color matched and focused on a nice bold lip to bring out her lovely high cheekbones. I truly think we are all beautiful and sometimes we can just have a touch of sprucing up and go from simple, to simply fab with the stroke of a :)

From left to right:
black cherry
bing cherry
rose hip (love)
cocoa butta
sierra spice
caramel (nice nude)
These are great quality for less than $4.00 USD at Walgreen's. I am not a connoisseur of lipstick. As long as it goes on smooth, is not drying and is not sheer, I'm content. So, for me, I recommend Milani's lipsticks. The one thing I noticed however, they are true to time when it comes to expiry. They go rancid in the 6-12 month time frame depending on the season. Summer has been hard on my Milanis I would not suggest these for storing unless it's in the freezer.


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