Friday, August 21, 2009

Essie Fall Collection

Hello Beautiful,

Essie lovers will be happy to know Essie will launch their highly coveted Fall colors September 1st. on their website
Unlike most collections which are focused on the deep, rich and dark hues, Essie's is a combination of both brights and darks to work with any trends from A/W 2009 collections.
At first, I wasn't sure about having bright colors for a fall collection. In retrospect, I know many people who get the winter blues and what better way to banish those blues than to give yourself a bright mani or pedi. Darks can work quite well with darks. I thought I'd give it a go with the Bright Tights:

You have no idea what I looked like taking a photo of my feet whilst waiting for the train, but it's all about fun and after all, if my life revolved around what people thought of me, i'd be living in a cave :)

Bright Tights looks really good against darker skin tones, and it only took two coats to obtain the full coverage (i.e. the same color as the bottle) which I really am pleased about. I highly recommend you check out Essie if you have not done so, this is my first go at Essie and though I am hard pressed to break up with O.P.I, this brand is surprisingly good. I only say surprisingly as I'm a bit more daring with color and their line seemed to be a bit "subdued" and what I would recommend for brides. Go Essie!

The colors in the collection above from left to right are:
Chinchilly (sleek grey), Angora Cardi (dusty rose), Mink Muffs (smoky Taupe), Midnight Cami (twilight blue), Bright Tights (electric orange) and Pink Parka (piping Hot Pink).

Essie photo courtesy of essie

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