Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Benefit's Creaseless Eyeshadows

Hello Beautiful,
I was going through some of my stash in an attempt to "out with the old, make room for new" as I love fall and some of the collections are tempting me, and I'd like to keep my stash small. I find the more makeup I have the more guilt/anxiety I have each time I lust for another product (Style Black).
I found I had a few of Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner I had bought from ULTA when they began carrying Benefit.
I was expecting them to be like paintpots. I was right, they are very similar to paintpots and I use them as a paintpot rather than an eyeshadow. Not because they crease, rather I don't like using cream eyeshadows for anything other than a base and since I do have oily eyes, I like these to prime my eyes and base them for shadow pigment maximization. For some reason, if I apply a base, a mediocre eyeshadow will look much more pigmented.
I have included swatches of a few; however, there are 15 colors to be exact. If you'd like more swatches, feel free to let me know. As I stated, I am working on improving my photography skills, thanks for your patience.

The Good:
These are a wee bit smaller than paintpots and retail for $14.00 USD. A little less expensive and a little goes a long way, you probably won't use the whole shadow any more than you would a paintpot. It didn't crease and I washed my car and this survived!

The Bad:
The color range is not comparable to MAC, but it's as good a product.

The Result:
I highly recommend purchasing this as a base if you want something for your pigments or shadows to adhere to or to simply make a dull eyeshadow pop!


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