Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Proposition Str8: The Ban On Heterosexual Marriage

Hello my beautiful friends,
I saw this last night, and it's probably going to cause me some angst among my Christian friends, but I love the paradox. I love this video because it means more than an "eye opener" to those of us who have a right to marry; but, the unity of people, race, gender, sexual preference and location aside, these lot were able to come together as one to share a message about discrimination.
Not to be preachy, but we really don't understand discrimination until it's in our face, we take so many things for granted and when anyone is denied a right, we all are. Whatever your position on gay marriage, try to fathom loving someone so much and not being able to declare your love and commitment because of laws. If we all stayed narrow in our minds, I would still be riding in the back of the bus and using facilities marked "colored." It wasn't just blacks who fought for the civil rights I enjoy, it should not be just gay and lesbians fighting for equality now.

Stay beautiful

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